Our Story


 Hey Guys! I'm Natasha Olivia Woods or Olivia which I prefer to be called! I am the founder for Eco Conscious (Fiji). My ultimate inspiration behind this little business was to spend more time at home with my grandmother whilst also earning an income from home. In 2018,I left my three year job as an Environmental Planner, spent more time caring for my nan and also pursuing my dream! It was still tough, but I am glad I got to spend more time at home during the last year of my grandmothers life.
My idea to pursue an Eco-friendly business was through learning about the environmental issues confronting our planet; mainly the detrimental impacts of single-use plastic towards animals & especially aquatic species. I made small changes to my daily habits to try to reduce my waste and found an opportunity to provide individuals with similar alternative products whilst also educating the public on Environmental issues we are facing.

Our mission at Eco Conscious (Fiji) is to create environmental awareness and inspire you, the citizens and consumers of Fiji and the World to reduce your waste & create more sustainable habits to protect our Planet.
We provide Eco-friendly sustainable products that have been
internationally and locally sourced and produced. We believe that each individual needs to take greater concern in what they purchase to create a low waste lifestyle. We want to inspire people to be conscious consumers and help us make positive impacts towards our environment.