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Arm Pit Detox

Deodorant Detox Natural

Did you know that Lymph nodes are a major part of your immune system which help fight off infection? They are responsible for filtering fluid and detecting chemical changes within your body to determine if you have an infection. Axillary lymph nodes are located near the breasts and is one of the main places that breast cancer can start to spread.

 Although results are not quite conclusive, studies have shown a possible correlation between aluminum (the main active ingredient in commercial deos) on diseases like Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. Other nasty chemicals is another way you can mess with your hormonal system and immune functions. This is why Natural Deodorants is a great alternative. You can find amazing DIY Recipes online or via our website! Some people may react differently and some natural deodorants may not suit your body. Others can experience different skin reactions or rashes even if the ingredients are completely natural! Our bodies are all built differently!

Commercial Antiperspirants prevent you from sweating but your body Needs to Sweat! (yes this is actually a good thing) it increases blood circulation and strengthens our immune system. Sweating from your armpits can cause a little or a lot of body odour when you start using Natural Deodorants (unless you find the perfect natural alternative ) but there are so many ways to help your Body make this transition.


For anyone who’s planning to make a switch to Natural Deodorants or already has, one of the things you need to take into consideration is that YOU WILL STINK and you may need to reapply your natural deodorant during the day after a heavy work out or if its too hot out. 
 One trick I learnt from online researching is that detoxifying your armpits can somewhat lessen your BO and draw out any toxins from your body. However, the intensity of your body odour can be due to your Genetics OR your Diet and water intake, so eat well and stay hydrated!
Here is a few detox recipes or items you can use to help you make that transition:
2 Tablespoon Charcoal Powder strained or sieve into finer particles (find via Loving Islands Fiji)
2 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
Mix well in a bowl and apply to armpit. Leave on for 20 minutes and shower or wipe off with a wet towel
Charcoal Soap (find via Kula Palms or Loving Islands Fiji)
Apply charcoal soap and water on armpits and leave on for 15 minutes
Continue three times a week for three weeks
1 tablespoon Bentonite Clay
Two teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar
Mix ingredients in a glass bowl using a plastic spoon. Apply to armpits and leave on for 20 minutes then wipe off with wet towel.
credit via wellness mama
Before you make the switch be informed and educate yourself prior to making your choice!
We don't recommend that you change! We only ask you to make the best choice for your body.